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Animal Stains In Their Home

Animal Stains

At Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast, we specialise in the removal of stains. Our cleaning process, in most cases removes the stain due to the quality of our shampoos. For many people, animal stains in their homeis a problem. Pet Stains require more attention as the urine in most cases will stain.

However, as a result I have found a stain can become “permanently set” into a carpet. Here are some reasons:

  • Time

Firstly I’d like to say the longer the stain has been in the carpet, the more likely the stain has become permanent. So above all action the problem ASAP

  • Stain type

Did you know there are many stain types? Did you know food and drinks e.g. cordial, orange juice & curry contains synthetic or natural dyes? Also did you know that these natural dyes are almost an exact match to the type of dyes used at the time your carpet was first manufactured? When I first entered the carpet cleaning industry I was amazed by this fact. Because of this the stain will readily attach itself to the carpet fibres.

  • Temperature

Coffee stains, while still hot it is much harder to remove than if spilt when cold.

  • Fibre type

There are all different types of fibres. Certain fibres are much more likely to become stained.  Wool carpets can very easily become stained and as a result become permanent. However, did you know by applying a carpet protection, particularly when new will most importantly help protect it? Don’t however believe all you read about “carpet protection” Our website explains more about this.

Some stains that become permanent will not be removed with any treatments, as a result we do not guarantee removal of permanent stains.

  • Urine

If left untreated will decompose into an alkaline salt which will cause permanent damage to natural fibres. Also dry urine salts can come back to life by the water in the cleaning process. This sadly will produce odours long after the initial event occurred.

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Animal Stains In Their Home