Water Damage Restoration

Water damage comes in so many different forms. Natural disasters, burst flexi hose, open window with rain coming in, hot water system burst, toilet blockage, washing machine over fill, bath left on, outdoor blockage and water comes in through floor drains. Trust me, the list goes on.

Rental Tenant. What to do When you Are Effected by Water Damage

The very first thing to do as part of the Water Damage Restoration process, if you are renting the property call the Property Manager or the company they represent. Action is essential as the longer the carpet sits in the carpet, walls or ceiling the more liklihood of damage. In the case of wet carpet it will start to smell if left unattended for days. Move as much as possible off the floor. Personal items in particular. Heavier items simply place plastic under timber legs or metal legs. This will stop the carpet from stains.

Home Owner. What to do When you Are Effected by Water Damage

If you own the property then you need to do all of the above except make contact with your insurance provider. Advise them of the situation and they will assist you from there on.


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Who Should you call on

When dealing with Water Damage Restoration, always engage in a experienced water restorer. Whether a company or individual. Someone that is experienced and certified. IICRC standards are set and in most cases the company or technician will be trained with passes in water restotation. The course the technician needs to pass is very intense. If you don’t pass you must sit the exam again. You will have the right person if you choose to use a person that has passed the exam and is certified.

Water Damage Restoration

What to Expect

Now you have followed the above steps, the next thing is for the technician to perform their procedures. The most important thing for you to know is NEVER TURN OFF THE EQUPMENT

The following steps are based on damage not caused by sewerage. If sewerage the process is far different.

What the technician will do is assess the damage. Take readings and see where and what has been effected. Often times you can’t feel the moisture but by using equipment such as moisture metres, water will be detected. Oncce the technician knows the damaged areas they can then start the drying process. First thing is to extract as much of the water as possible. Once this has been done, an anti microbial needs to be sprayed. This will take control of mould and other health issues etc that come from having wet carpet/underlay etc.

The anti microbial is sprayed onto ALL effected areas, not just the carpet. Once this has been done, the carpet is generally lifted in sections and air movers are installed. Alongside the air movers are dehumidifiers.

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What Can you expect Next?

Now the drying process begins, dending on the severity of the water damage, a technician might choose to come every 24 hours to check on the damage or up to 48 hours to check. They will move equipment around, check moisture readings and discuss how the process is going.

What NOT To Do

Too many times people take it upon themselves to turn the equipment off. Whether it be because the noise is unbearable or they simply thought the carpet was dry. This is a HUGE mistake. Doing so slows the drying process which we are looking for speedy drying. It potentially allows the carpet, walls or ceiling to go mouldy and the carpet and underlay will start to smell. Remember, the technician has passed a very intense examination to perform their duties. This process can not be interferred with.

Final Thing

Once the technician is happy with the readings of the moisture metre etc, he/she will relay the carpet, re instate the furniture as best as possible and clean the whole area.


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