Grout Cleaning

Tiles look clean but the grout lines are dirty? Stain Busters Gold Coast have the equipment and expertise to bring back the colour in your grout.

You need to mop the floors to keep them clean but consider a steam mop. Mops tend to clean the tiles but dirty the grout. grout cleaning

Not All Grouts Are The Same

Do you know the composition of your grout? Here are some of the most common kinds:

Cement mixed with acrylic. This is the most common blend. Also Cement mixed with Latex. Mixing the acrylic or latex protects the colour from fading.

Another is the Sanded Mixture. This is commonly used in the wider joints. It creates a great stability.

Then there is Epoxy. This mixture is particularly good for backsplash areas of bathrooms, kitchens and bathroom floors. It probably also offers the best stain resistance. You may notice the grout going a slightly yellow colour. Particularly in sunny areas.

Grout Cleaning

Things You Have Probably Come Across

Soap Scum. If your going to find this anywhere it will be in the shower. Soap left, can make a shower area look very ordinary. It will make your tiles and grout rather grimy as well.

Hard Water Stains. Very difficult to remove, despite all the products out there telling you they will remove the stain. Always be sure before you use a cleaning product, you check it’s not going to harm your grout. grout cleaning

Mildew. On the Gold Coast, the humidity can get high so the bathroom could be a problem. It is likely you would get mildew stains on your tiles and grout. You can use a bleach. My recommendation would be to call us at Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast before attempting using the bleach.

Food Stains. Now this is not for the bathroom but the kitchen. Liquid or solid items will stain. All it takes is for that red wine to spill or any acidic fruit and trouble is heading your way. Particularly if the tiles and grout aren’t sealed. Calling us at Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning would be recommended.

Tips On Grout Cleaning & Cleaning Your Tiled Floor

  1. Sweep or Vacuum entire area.
  2. Use minimal water on tiles.
  3. Regularly empty dirty water from the bucket
  4. Don’t use too much chemicals.
  5. Don’t rush through the job.

Our services include:

Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Fabric Protection, Water Damage Restoration, Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Stain Release, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Odour Removal, Mattress Cleaning, Leather Cleaning, Stain Removal

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