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Is this You? 

Does This sound like you. You like to have everything in its place. Not everyone is but it often shows a love for their home.  You are one that likes everything where it belongs (like the image above) You know what I mean. I mean there are people that have their bed pillows in the exact same spot, all within milimetres. The throw blanket too is placed perfectly on the bed. Repeatedly you clean as you go along, to the point everything ALWAYS looks clean and tidy. Some people are so fastidious about cleanliness of their home yet they don’t realise they are neglecting one of the very most important things. The Mattress. Yes The Mattress.

Whether this is you or not, there is one very important thing you are missing.


Without a word of a lie, I can guarantee. You are living with something disgusting. No not a family member, not a friend nor relative. In fact not only at home, but you, like most people are likely sleeping with it every time you sleep out of your own bed. Or even in your own bed. I am 99.9% sure your mattress is full of dead skin cells and dust mites which can in fact lead to bed bugs as dead skin cells is the food bed bugs live off. I hear you say, “but I have a mattress protector” I still believe that your mattress is carrying dead skin and dust mites despite what the manufacturer says.

Freebie Time

At Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast, we will guarantee to remove dead skin cells and dust mite from your mattress. In fact, if you live on the Gold Coast in Queensland we will do a *FREE mattress inspection to determine if there are dead skin cells & dust mites.

It is very likely that the mattress you are sleeping on now has dead skin cells and dust mites just like the image above. Now what are you thinking. Hopefully your thinking to look after the well being of yourself and your family.


So now you what your sleeping with, what are you going to do about it. Hopefully not ignore it.  Take on our *FREE offer, if you are fortunate enough to live on the Gold Coast. Did you know many of the big name hotel resorts are doing very little, well not until they get caught. Why would they need to. Its money spent on something you don’t see. It’s not going to get them more bums in beds. You can’t see if its clean or not. They just take the chance. But at least at home, you know who you and your loved ones is sleeping with. 

Today Tonight, a National TV Show in Australia screened on national TV, a segment that NOT all hotels adopt a mattress cleaning policy and sadly there are many of them and they are the biggest names in the business. They provide a mattress protector but they don’t work as effectively as they would like to think. Watch this video, amazing.

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