Mould Smell Odour Problems

Mould & Odour Problems

You’re probably familiar with the musty mould smell sometimes found in basements, attics, crawlspaces, and other areas where mould grows. It’s an unpleasant odour, and we are often asked about the best method of mould odour control.

Mould Smell Odour Problems

Mould produces a gas called known as MVOC (microbial volatile organic compounds). A great deal of these gases you can’t even smell. The most obvious smell that people identify is the musty odour. This smell is what people typically associate with mould. If you can smell a musty odour, it is highly likely you have mould growing in your home. Often you won’t even see the mould. You are most likely to find mould in places that includes inside walls, under carpets, and inside heating and ventilation ducts. Stain Busters mainly deals with mould through our water restoration service. Once the carpet gets wet it is highly possible mould will start to grow so we need to act fast.

If You Smell Mould What Does It Mean?

Mould Smell Odour Problems. Therefore, it is mportant to call Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast or any specialist in mould removal. If you come across the smell, that means you are inhaling compounds produced by the mould. Quite likely you are also inhaling mould spores. Not all but many of the compounds associated with mould are toxic. These are called mycotoxins. These exact toxins, plus the actual mould spores themselves, that can cause a wide range of medical problems. You probably don’t want to know. Some of the symptoms include Difficulty breathing, sinus infections, pneumonia, migraines, sore throat, depression, joint pain, inflammation of the Joints, tiredness, digestive problems.

Treat Mould Smell

So now you know you really do need to treat the Mould Smell Odour Problem. Apart from the unpleasant smell, more importantly you don’t want the potential health problems that are associated with mould.

How Can You Take Control of Mould Odour?

The only way is to remove the mould in order to take control of it. By masking the smell with products such as air fresheners or even disinfectant aerosols is not eliminating the problem. There are also the common household cleaning products. They may temporarily cover up the smell but they won’t get rid of the mould. Making the room smell nice is not going to remove the mould. Only a professional Mould expert can do this.

How To I Test If Your Home Has Mould?

If it smells musty it’s highly likely you have mould. Sometimes people see a small amount of mould and feel they only have a small problem. This is so far from the truth. Mould spreads and it can spread very quickly. It’s alive! Places to check are like under carpeting. You may not have had water damaged carpets, however that’s not to say the previous owner or tenant of the property never did. If it wasn’t professionally treated at the time with an appropriate antimicrobial agent this can be the cause. Also check the floorboards, above ceiling tiles if you have them, inside walls (just be careful of the spiders!. Also inside heating and air conditioning ducts.

Our recommendation would be to call a professional to test your home for mould. A professional will have the know how. They would have the equipment and experience to deal with the problem.

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