Professional Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast


Professional Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast


Stain Busters Your Professional Carpet Cleaner

To be a Professional Carpet Cleaner you need to be able to maximise the removal of soil while minimising damaging the carpet. A professional carpet cleaning company should train their carpet cleaners, which in turn will give them the experience plus the knowledge to perform the tasks of a carpet cleaner.

A Professional Carpet Cleaning company is one that trains their staff, preferably by a reputable company. Stain Busters training has been performed at one of if not Australia’s most reputable training school Jena Dyco

Carpet Cleaning Companies that complete and pass these courses through reputable establishments such as Jena Dyco are then qualified to perform carpet cleaning duties. They are also qualified to determine the best cleaning approach. They will look at the fibre of the carpet. Also the condition of the carpet. What shampoos to use etc.

With this knowledge, you can now ask the questions that need to be asked rather than basing your decision on price. The Carpet Cleaning Industry isn’t regulated and there are plenty of cheap alternatives to a Professional Carpet Cleaner.

Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast guarantee our work so you can be sure of the best possible outcome. All our carpet cleaners have Police checks so you know who is entering into your environment is trustworthy. Stain Busters carpet cleaners are qualified to clean carpets to the IICRC standard and if an accident happens our carpet cleaners are insured which means you are covered.

For expert carpet cleaning Stain Busters have carpet cleaned over 100,000 properties on the Gold Coast. As well as this, over 100 Real Estates use our services. Property Managers want the very best for the Landlord’s property they manage.

Over the years, establishments such as Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort Gold Coast, QT, Palazzo Versace Australia, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Reading Cinemas have all used our services.  

At Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast, we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach. We will observe each job and clean accordingly. Stain Busters methods and techniques are as per the Australian/NZ Standards as per the IICRC.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

1. Dry Soil Removal

stain busters carpet cleaning gold coastWe recommend you regularly vacuum your carpet as this is very important. General maintenance of your vacuum goes a long way. Check things like the chamber is not full of dust. Also be sure the air is flowing freely and not obstructed with anything and the beater brush is turned on and in good working order.

2. Soil Suspension

At Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast, we apply an even amount of our patented shampoos through a high pressure system. This helps in removing the soil left behind. It breaks up the soil and helps separate from the carpet fibre. At this time we are also applying a Sanitiser to neutralize the carpet.

There is a strong belief that the more heat used the greater the cleaning. Whilst this is true, if not trained correctly this can actually result in fiber damage and colour loss.

Agitating the carpet with a rake helps to distribute our patented sh