Red Wine Stain

red wine stain


Tips on Removing Red Wine Stain

Difficulty: Medium

  1. Blot as much of the Red Wine Stain as possible with a colour fast towel.
  2. Rinse the Red Wine Stain with a detergent solution (1 tspn washing up liquid : 1 ltr of warm water)
  3. Blot out the Red Wine Stain with a colour fast towel. Repeat step 2 & 3 whilst effective. This should be sufficient to remove fresh spills.
  4. If there is a residual stain, treat with a white vinegar solution. (1:1 part water)
  5. Rinse, blot dry and apply an ammonia solution. (1:15 Parts water)
  6. Rinse and repeat steps three and four as long as there is improvement.

Further Treatment

If you have a residual stain that does not respond to the treatments above, don’t despair we have a product that will work on even the most stubborn red wine stain. Contact us to learn more.


Be sure to read our general stain removal advice before proceeding.

WARNING: NEVER that means NEVER, use any product that contains bleach, chlorine or peroxide as it will remove colour.

Disclaimer. The customer is advised that they use these suggestions entirely at their own risk. The remedies contained herein, in every aspect should be tested in a safe manner., in an inconspicuous area of the carpet before proceeding with a full application. In some instances unpredictable reactions can occur due to certain materials that make up the carpet and/or what has been applied to a stain of a known or unknown origin. These remedies have been designed for carpets and not lounge suites or other fabrics.

When Cleaning a Stain Yourself, in most cases there will be a clean patch. When we attend to a stain, more often than not, we clean the ENTIRE room to stop this from happening.

Our services include:

Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Fabric Protection, Water Damage Restoration, Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Stain Release, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Odour Removal, Mattress Cleaning, Leather Cleaning, Stain Removal

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