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Most lipsticks contain wax, oils, fats, emollients (structure products) and a pigment. (Colour) The most important thing to do to remove the stain is concentrate on the structure products & the pigment. This will mean the wax, oils, fats, emollients and the colour. This will avoid the stain becoming permanent.

Once this has been determined if you apply any solvent. 2 that come to mind is methylated spirits or dry cleaning fluid. Both products are available from a hardware store.

Once you have this product, blot with a colourfast towel and repeat as long as there is improvement. Always try any product you are using on an inconspicuous area.

As this is a very difficult stain for someone to remove its very important to cease treatment if you are not removing the pigment. This is when you need to call us, Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast. Our highly trained technicians will attempt to remove with our advanced products. See note below.

Further Treatment

Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast has a patented product that removes lipstick stains from carpets, rugs, lounges and other upholstery.

The product works by removing the wax, oils fats & emollients that are in lipstick. whilst extracting the pigment colour all at the same time.

If you have removed the wax, oils fats & emollients and left the pigment it will be a more difficult and more expensive problem to fix. Our certified technicians remove stains just like these every day. Contact us to learn more.

Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast guarantee our work so you can be sure of the best possible outcome. All our Carpet Cleaning technicians have Police checks so you know who is entering into your environment is trustworthy. Stain Busters carpet cleaning technicians are qualified to remove stains to the IICRC standard and if an accident happens our carpet cleaners are insured which means you are covered.

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For expert stain removal, Stain Busters have serviced over 100,000 properties on the Gold Coast. As well as this, over 100 Real Estatesuse our services. Property Managerswant the very best for theLandlord’spropertythey manage.

Over the years, establishments such asSheraton Grand Mirage Resort Gold Coast,QT,Palazzo Versace Australia,Pacific Fair Shopping Centre,Reading Cinemashave all used our services.


Be sure to read our general stain removal advice before proceeding.

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It gives us great pleasure in quoting the services of Stain Busters. We pride ourselves on Professionalism, Attention to Detail & Punctual. We Guarantee our work & will do a thorough job.

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