Water Damage Carpets

water damage carpets


Water Damage and Mould Does not Wait!

Stain Busters Gold Coast have a great reputation for cleaning carpets. Removing stains, clean upholstery lounges suites, leather lounge suites, tiles etc are other services provided. Stain Busters also do Flood Restorations. We have been the top provider for many Real Estates when it comes to water damage restoration services and have been for over 25 years.

Stain Busters flood restoration are here on The Gold Coast. Flood Restoration can be stressful for many , however we are available to help you through the steps of a successful cleanup. From initial assessment to professional humidity control procedures.  Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast experts will be able to get your home dried out and restored to a stable state in a timely and thorough manner.

Our Water Restoration Team

At Stain Busters, our water damage restoration team consists of highly trained specialists.  We have both the knowledge and the tools to catalog the full extent of the damage. Often there are issues that you can’t see. We are trained and hold current IICRC Certificates with passes certified by Jena Dyco, one of Australia’s largest reputable training company. Stain Busters will also be able to identify burgeoning problem areas. Areas such as a compromised structural element. We are able to create a flood restoration plan that targets the most vital areas first so that your home does not sustain any more damage. Stain Busters are a fully licensed and insured company. To talk to one of Stain Busters Gold Coast water damage restoration specialists call 1300 078 246 and get your home or office back to normal.

Experts Needed

Stain Busters restoration experts will do a complete evaluation of your water damage and will provide an accurate no-obligation estimate. We understand the stressful position you are in and really do make the restoration process headache-free for both the property owner and the insurer because we bill insurance companies directly and help the claims get processed more quickly. However, even if you don’t have insurance, Stain Busters Gold Coast can still offer you a great price. So, call us now. This is a 24 hour service, every day of the year.

Advanced Flood Restoration

Once our Stain Busters technician/s has assessed the situation and designed a plan, they will proceed through a targeted process of water extraction, drying, and home humidity control. The various steps of this water removal process are crucial. It is paramount to not handle any of the equipment installed, even if you think you are helping. Our Stain Busters technicians are following strict procedures and by doing so you risk severe damage. Not only will Stain Busters technician/s get rid of any standing water that has collected, but they will also extract water from porous materials (drying) and from the air (humidity control).

Things Not Seen Are Restored

The Stain Busters flood restoration technician won’t just get rid of the water you can see; they’ll use every resource at their disposal to remove all excess moisture from your home in a comprehensive way. Flood restoration work means much more than just water or moisture control. It actually means restoring your home to its pre-damage state. Once your home is done, you should notice almost no difference between your home before and after the damage occurred.

IMPORTANT: If you have a water damage emergency, every minute counts so CALL 1300 078 246 NOW to talk to a water damage restoration expert. We are available 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Our services include:

Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Fabric Protection, Water Damage Restoration, Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Stain Release, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Odour Removal, Mattress Cleaning, Leather Cleaning, Stain Removal

Please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 078 246 for more information on stains.


stain busters carpet cleaning gold coast

stain busters carpet cleaning gold coast

stain busters carpet cleaning gold coast

stain busters carpet cleaning gold coast

our services
fabric protection
stain removal
stain busters carpet cleaning gold coast
rug cleaning
odour removal
water damage carpets
upholstery cleaning
stain busters carpet cleaning gold coast
mattress cleaning
leather cleaning
stain busters carpet cleaning gold coast

stain busters carpet cleaning gold coast

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