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Do I need to clean my mattress? The simple answer is Yes. This is where you spend a great portion of your day, and if you’re like most people it’s a great chunk of your life. So ask yourself, Shouldn’t I make sure my mattress is clean, sanitised & deodorised, free of dead skin cells, free of dust mites and bed bugs? If your answer is yes then you are pretty much guaranteed a healthy mattress. Stain Busters Mattress Clean Gold Coast 

So now you know a clean mattress is important, the next question I will answer for you is.

How Often to Clean a Mattress?

How often to clean my mattress

Our recommendation above all is a professional clean once a year. At Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast we repeatedly go over the complete mattress using ultraviolet light and vacuum suction. The ultraviolet light focuses on the dust mites and bed bugs (if there are any). Once the mattress has been thoroughly cleaned you will once and for all be mortified by the result. (refer the image) Mattress Clean Gold Coast

Once we finish cleaning the mattress, we apply a hospital grade sanitiser. For this reason, coupled with regular vacuuming of the mattress at home it is important to clean your mattress.

Unfortunately, you are probably like most households across the world and think cleaning the pillowcases and sheets is enough. Sure you might have a mattress protector but the results are still the same 90% of the time.

Apart from millions of dust mites eating at you and the shredded skin cells, you are never going to sleep in a healthy bed.

Sadly Your Not Alone

Click on the bed bug in the image and watch the short video from a programme recorded on prime time tv on The Gold Coast. The video highlights the relaxed attitude in some of the leading Hotels. You’ll be mortified!

mattress clean Gold Coast

Why You Need to Clean your Mattress

Think about it. It’s normal to sweat, your body fluids enter the mattress. You shred skin, so it makes sense to clean the mattress. When mattresses are not cleaned regularly, germs will breed.

The 2 germs include “Staphylococcus aureus” and “Pseudomonas aeruginos”.  These can very easily breed leading to a staph infection causing impetigo, cellulitis, blood infections, and pneumonia, respectively.

Now that is not at all pleasant.

Mattresses not cleaned regularly enough can also breed dust mites and bed bugs.

Bed Bugs, Dust Mites & Dead Skin Cells

Bed bugs breed in mattresses because of their preference for carbon dioxide and warmth.

Dust mites will gather on your mattress due to skin shredding from your body.  Once the dust mites eat your dead skin, they defecate on your bed.  1 mite alone will release as much as 2000 units over an 8-10 week period. Mite faecal matter is a very harmful allergen that can cause sicknesses such as asthma, rhinitis, hay fever, rashes and even depression.


It gives us great pleasure in quoting the services of Stain Busters. We pride ourselves on Professionalism, Attention to Detail & Punctual. We Guarantee our work & will do a thorough job.

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