At Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast. Because we are serious about mattress cleaning means you are guaranteed a great result. Therefore you will sleep in a healthy mattress because of this. On the Gold Coast we offer Steam Cleaning & Dry Cleaning because we like to guarantee you the best possible outcome. Think about it. You are sleeping on a mattress daily and therefore, it is guaranteed the mattress will be embedded full of dust mites, dead skin cells, germs and possibly bed bugs!! Watch this video above, see for yourself.

There have been multiple studies that have shown over 70% of mattresses are contaminated. They are contaminated because with allergy-inducing dust mites its likely your mattress is a statistic? You read right. Disgusting hey! Yet we still all dread the idea of buying a new mattress every eight years, as merchandisers suggest we do.

Our Process

When Stain Busters Gold Coast cleans your mattresses, we always offer both the dry cleaning and steam cleaning methods as a result you will end up with the best possible clean. The advice I give is purely my own personal experience, although many in the industry share my view. As a result of the dry cleaning method you can be sure this works the best for removing the dust mites and dead skin cells. The ultra violet light kills off any bed bugs.

The Steam Cleaning method is great because it helps remove the stains. No doubt the results will show this the best method for removing stains, body fluids etc In many cases because the stains have been present in the mattress for so long, the stain won’t don’t budge. Rest assured though, the mattress will be clean. Either way, because we offer both dry cleaning and steam cleaning you are guaranteed not only clean and fresh but because of this an allergy free mattress as well. A conservative approach to cleaning your mattress would be annually by a professional cleaner.

Ready to clean your mattress because you no longer want to be a statistic? Call us now 1300 650 251 or fill out the online form.


It gives us great pleasure in quoting the services of Stain Busters. We pride ourselves on Professionalism, Attention to Detail & Punctual. We Guarantee our work & will do a thorough job.

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