To be serious about mattress cleaning on the Gold Coast we offer Steam Cleaning & Dry Cleaning. Think about it. You are sleeping on a mattress guaranteed to be embedded full of dust mites, dead skin cells, germs and possibly bed bugs!! Watch this video.

Studies have shown that over 70% of mattresses are contaminated with allergy-inducing dust mites. You read right. Disgusting hey! Yet we still all dread the idea of buying a new mattress every eight years, as merchandisers suggest we do.

When Stain Busters Gold Coast cleans your mattresses, we always offer both the dry cleaning and steam cleaning methods. From personal experiences I find the dry clean method works the best for removing the dust mites and dead skin cells. Steam Cleaning method is great for removing stains, body fluids etc. Either way, dry cleaning, steam cleaning or both, we leave them not only clean and fresh but allergy free as well. A conservative approach to cleaning your mattress would be annually by a professional cleaner.


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* Steam Cleaning Recommended if Stained. Often stains are permanent if left for a long period of time, however, rest assured your mattress will be clean and sanitised with a label affixed to the mattress.
* Dry Cleaning is recommended for the removal of dust mites, bed bugs and dead skin cells.

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