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Stain Removal Experts Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast have been servicing the industry since 1990. We regularly educate people with our knowledge to help people maintain clean stain free carpets. Because all Spills and Spots need be treated IMMEDIATELY you need to either attempt the stain removal process yourself or engage in a professional Carpet Cleaner. As a result and without doing so can stain the carpet and have it turn permanent. But it’s important to note because the longer the Spill or Spot remains, the more difficult it will be to remove. We offer many tips on Stain Removal because with knowledge it will help you have Stain Free carpet. Please refer our “Stain Removal Tips Guide”

Not all Stains Are The Same

It is important to note that not all stains are the same so there is a different approach to stains depending on the type of stain. Also different carpet types can alter the result. Wool in particular can be very difficult and my advise if you have wool, call a professional. Some carpets are stain resistant and some have a guarantee. Always check the manufacturers website as they might have specific stain removal tips. It’s possible tips like ours or other people offering advise might breach the warranty conditions.

As a result, our recommendation would always be to call a professional because if you don’t and your carpet is full of stains, it’s likely to turn permanent. Many people don’t feel comfortable attempting the stain removal process themselves because they fear doing more damage. If you don’t feel comfortable attending to the stain, call a Professional Carpet Cleaner. A professional will have the know how. They would have the equipment but most importantly the experience to deal with the carpet stain. Whenever uncertain, because it can seem daunting who to call, refer the companies websites, because positive reviews gives re assurance. Reviews posted on trusted platforms such as Google & Facebook is a good start. Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast has over 100 5 Star Reviews making Stain Busters one of the more reputable companies to seek.

What Type of Stain?

Please refer our “Stain Removal Tips Guide” This will help but remember to follow manufacturers instructions first and foremost. Stain Busters is always happy to assist with advise over the phone. Our office manager who takes the calls has been with Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast since the 90’s and is a wealth of knowledge

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