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☞  Established 1991 on The Gold Coast

☞  Cleaned over 100,000 homes

  We are professional

  Well groomed & uniformed

  5 Star The Sheraton, Pacific Fair Luxury Area, Q1, Palazzo Versace, QT plus many more use Stain Busters

☞  We GUARANTEE our work

☞  We are competitive

☞  100+ Real Estates use us

☞  Reliable & will always turn up

☞  Insured

  Technicians Police Checked

  Clean to the IICRC Aust standard

☞  Aim to exceed expectations

☞  Luxurious Retailers Prada, Gucci & Rolex Stores all have used Stain Busters

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If coloured Stains, the price quoted will not include the attempted removal. Coloured Stain pricing can only be determined by the Technician when on-site. PRICE QUOTED DOES NOT INCLUDE COLOURED STAIN REMOVAL