Stain Removal Tips

STAIN REMOVAL TIPS Stain Removal Tips Stain Removal Experts Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast GENERAL STAIN AND REMOVAL TIPS INSTRUCTIONS: Stain Removal Experts Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast have been servicing the industry since 1990. We regularly educate people with our knowledge to help people maintain clean stain free carpets. Because all Spills and Spots need [...]

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Vomit Stain Gold Coast

VOMIT STAIN GOLD COAST vomit stain gold coast Vomit Stain Tips by Stain Busters Gold Coast  There is nothing at all exciting about talking stains. Having said that you are reading this because you have a stain caused by vomit. Here you go: Begin the process by holding your nose if you have a weak stomach. Then, scrape [...]

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Red Wine Stain

RED WINE STAIN Tips on Removing Red Wine Stain Difficulty: Medium Blot as much of the Red Wine Stain as possible with a colour fast towel. Then rinse the Red Wine Stain with a detergent solution (1 teaspoon washing up liquid : 1 litre of warm water) Don't rub, simply blot out the Red Wine Stain with a colour fast towel. [...]

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Coffee Stains Stain Busters

COFFEE STAINS STAIN BUSTERS Coffee Stains. Tips on Removing Coffee Stains Difficulty:  Medium If Coffee Stains are fresh, dilute with water and soak up with a colour fast towel. Repeat as long as effective. Treating the Coffee Stains when fresh will avoid the tannin from setting making the stain much harder to remove. If the Coffee Stains has [...]

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Animal Stains In Their Home

ANIMAL STAINS IN THEIR HOME pet stains Animal Stains In Their Home Animal Stains At Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast, we specialise in the removal of stains. Our cleaning process, in most cases removes the stain due to the quality of our shampoos. For many people, animal stains in their homeis a problem. Pet Stains require more [...]

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Removing Lipstick Stains

REMOVING LIPSTICK STAINS Removing Lipstick Stains Stains Are Our Specialty  Most lipsticks contain wax, oils, fats, emollients (structure products) and a pigment. (Colour) The most important thing to do to remove the stain is concentrate on the structure products & the pigment. This will mean the wax, oils, fats, emollients and the colour. This will avoid the stain becoming permanent. [...]

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