Carpet Upholstery Cleaning

CARPET UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Leave the Carpet Upholstery Cleaning for the professionals. Whilst it seems like a cheap alternative to go to the local supermarket and hire a machine or use the cheapest carpet cleaner, do your research. It can end up costing you more. Things To Look Out For When Choosing Who To Use: Stain [...]

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANING GOLD COAST Professional Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast To be a Professional Carpet Cleaner you need to be able to maximise the removal of soil while minimising damaging the carpet. A professional carpet cleaning company should train their carpet cleaners, which in turn will give them the experience plus the knowledge to perform the tasks of a carpet cleaner. Trainning & [...]

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Mould Smell Odour Problems

MOULD AND ODOUR PROBLEMS Mould Smell Odour Problems Mould & Odour Problems You’re probably familiar with the musty mould smell sometimes found in basements, attics, crawlspaces, and other areas where mould grows. It’s an unpleasant odour, and we are often asked about the best method of mould odour control. Mould Smell Odour Problems Mould produces a gas called [...]

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