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  1. albert portelli November 20, 2017 at 11:30 am - Reply

    Thank you,Jasmine, for requesting pricing from Stain Busters. Unfortunately this email went to my spam folder and only spotted it now. I guess you would have had it done by now. Again sincere apologoies.

    If you’re not fortunate enough to know someone that can recommend a really good carpet cleaner, then the next best thing is knowing you found us on the Internet.

    I do believe that knowing we service The Sheraton, Pacific Fair, Q1, Palazzo Versace, QT, Over 100 Real Estates, Prada, Gucci and Rolex Stores, Over 100,000 property owners, Schools, Pubs etc, this surely would give you good peace of mind.

    Without knowing the following the price quoted is only approx. We need to know the following to accurately price the job.

    * Type of stains if any
    * Size of rooms
    * Stairs or no stairs
    * Concerns you may have
    * Water access.
    * Vehicle access

    We only use a portable carpet-cleaning machine if we have too, where access is difficult, example High Rise building etc. When choosing a carpet cleaner, whether you choose to you Stain Busters or an alternative company YOU MUST consider the following:

    * Always, if accessible choose a Truck Mount Cleaning Machine
    * Choose a Certified IICRC Company
    * Choose an individual or Company where the technician has been Police Checked
    * Always choose a company that will guarantee their work
    *Always be sure the company or the Carpet Cleaning Technician is Insured.

    Not using this recommendation more times than not ends up in a cheap clean that either needs to be done again or deal with a situation that you will regret. The industry ISN’T regulated so ANYONE can call them selves a carpet cleaner.

    In most cases, companies that are a lot cheaper are cheaper for a reason. I like to think the above information will have you realise this. Choose carefully. Whilst we are not the cheapest we are competitive, professional and prompt. We have patented shampoos that guarantee the best possible outcomes. Based on the limited information provided the price will be for 4 bedrooms and lounge room $95.

    Please reply back with a day you would like to book this in for.

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